TDC/Chauvin Arnoux - Power Quality Seminar

May 4, 2018


On Wednesday 6th June TDC are hosting a free Power Quality Seminar at their Bankhead Facility, Aberdeen in conjunction with Chauvin Arnoux (UK) from 9am to 11am.


Poor power quality and energy loss is a rapidly growing issue for the Electrical and Offshore industries and can lead to many problems including equipment damage, lost production and data loss.


Industry leaders Chauvin Arnoux, in conjunction with TDC, are aiming to support and aid the Electrical Industry, On & Offshore with their high-quality products, vast experience, and expert knowledge.

The Seminar will consist of a 2 hour workshop giving the latest information and solutions to power quality issues and problems. This will be followed by hands-on demonstrations of their popular, quality products. There will also be time to ask the speakers questions and network with other industry peers.


This Seminar will showcase the benefits of power quality analysis.


To register: email or call Gordon Thow on 01224 710077 (Ext 132).


For those unable to attend, please contact us to arrange a private demonstration of Chauvin Arnoux Equipment.


Common Power Quality Questions:


What is Power Quality?


Common Power Disturbances


What does this cost a business?


Why monitor Quality and energy use?


What are the causes of disturbance?


Inside the building


Power Quality Standards


Types of Power Survey


What does good power look like?


What can go wrong?


Peak demand


Power Factor


Voltage disturbances Unbalance and causes


System unbalance


What happens when supply is distorted?


What are the causes of distortion?


What are harmonics?


How do we resolve harmonic issues?


Transients / Inrush


Product suitability



Typical Applications:


CASE NO 1: Untimely shutdown of PLCs


CASE NO 2: Abnormal start up of a UPS


CASE NO 3: Lighting problems


CASE NO 4: Energy survey & supply disturbance issues.


CASE NO 5: BS EN 50160:2010+A1:2015 Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public electricity networks

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