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TDC assists Grampian Transport Museum to reconstruct the world’s first electric motor

TDC are proud to have recently assisted Grampian Transport Museum (GTM) recreate, arguably, the world’s first electric motor. First built in 1837 in Aberdeen by Robert Davidson, (1804-1894) a local Chemist and Inventor, Davidson went on to develop the worlds’ first electrically driven vehicle capable of carrying passengers over land.

A full scale working replica of Davidson’s reluctance motor, which went on to power his avant-garde locomotive, Galvani, is now on display at the museum.

TDC were delighted to have been invited by GTM Curator, Mike Ward, to a pre-view evening for their latest exhibition ‘It’s Electric’ illustrating the evolution of the electric vehicle as we know it today.

Significant thanks during the evening went to all organisations and individuals who helped re-create such an intriguing working model. Particular recognition shown to TDC’s Denis Chambers for his contribution in helping reconstruct such a fundamental piece of electrical engineering history.

Details of the exhibition, which is well worth a visit, are currently on display at The Grampian Transport Museum, Alford

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