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2.75 MW Generator Repair and Overhaul

Mechanical Engineer

2.75MW, 3-Phase, 600 Volts AC Generator removed from location by our team and backloaded to TDC workshop for major repair and overhaul.

Specification: 600 Volts, 60Hz, 2646 Amps, 900 RPM, 2.75MW

Scope: Due to the urgent nature for the generator to remain in service, a repair was considered necessary where it was immediately removed from situ and returned to Aberdeen. Rotor repairs were subsequently carried out by our engineering team, varnished and cured overnight in our temperature-controlled oven prior to dynamic balancing.

Steam clean generator stator windings where effective repair procedures were then implemented to rectify damaged coil spans.

Generator reassembled and tested prior to final shipment offshore ready for TDC installation. Alignment and vibration tests conducted with positive results recorded where generator was then effectively returned to service.

TDC are fully equipped to recertify all ATEX/IECEx/UL electric motors and control gear including Drilling Equipment Draw-works, Top Drives, Mud Pumps, Generators and Eddy Current Brakes.

To find out more please visit or contact TDC's Electric Motor and Generator Engineering Team at or call +44 (0) 1224 710077.

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