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In-Situ Offshore HV Generator Overhaul Project

TDC Specialist Engineers recently mobilised to overhaul/chemical clean and repair 3.3kV HV Generator and Cooler (in-situ) where our client had reported very low rotor insulation resistance values.

TDC designed, manufactured and utilised tractable current injection equipment during the scope which recovered the rotor insulation resistance back to an acceptable level for safe operation. Considerable cost savings and limited down-time were commended when compared to removing the generators from location.

Specification: 3.3kV, 50Hz, 3661 Amps, 4307kVA.

TDC are fully equipped to repair, re-work, overhaul and recertify in-situ, offshore, onshore & marine ATEX/IECEx/UL certified and non-certified electric motors, generators and auxiliaries including vibration analysis, laser alignment and HV partial discharge analysis. MV/HV cable jointing & terminations.

To find out more, contact TDC’s Electric Motor and Generator Engineering Team or Condition Monitoring Team at or call +44 (0) 1224 710077.

In-Situ Offshore HV Generator Overhaul Project

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