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12.7 MW High Voltage Motor & Cooler

12.7MW, 13,800Volts, HV motor seen here recently removed from location and back-loaded to TDC Parsons Peebles for inspection & major overhaul.

  • Specification: 13.8kV, 60Hz, 644 Amps, 1,775 RPM, 12.7MW

  • Scope: Motor removed from situ and dispatched to TDC Parsons Peebles workshop. Initial no load tests and vibration signatures recorded prior to dismantling to component level. Subsequent inspection – Full QA checks carried out to all components and findings reported in advance of major overhaul.

Summary of work-scope conducted:

Initial Dismantling & Inspection

  • Issue complete report detailing full work scope – advising client of the mechanical repairs identified during cleaning & inspection process.

Rotor Repair

  • Inspection of bars, short circuit rings and core laminations

  • Record lamination geometry

  • Set up rotor, carry out full TIR

  • Manufacture/supply new set of laminations & pressure plates

  • Manufacture new set of rotor bars & rotor slot wedges

  • Build new rotor core and fit onto shaft, secure and conduct full TIR

  • Fit and secure new rotor bars, machine wedges

  • Fit new short circuit rings

  • NDT testing of new joints

  • Set up and balance rotor

  • Carry out final TIR checks on concentricity

Stator Refurbishment

  • Record stator lead geometry

  • Detailed inspection of all; blocking, bracing and coil wedging for migration

  • Full electrical static checks

  • Set up stator & conduct power flux test & record thermal images

  • Steam clean and stove stator windings

  • Clean off all excess vanish after process and prepare for rebuild

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Inspect DE & NDE bearings and labyrinth seals

  • Examine cooler / tubes / inlet and outlet facade plates / float switches

  • Inspect condition of air circuit / fan / diffuser

  • Inspect and advise coupling condition / deformation of location centres

  • Check condition of all temperature / bearing probes

  • Inspect HV terminal box, spouts, pins and insulators

  • Examine purge unit assembly

  • Check condition of motor feet / flange location to shaft run out as BS

  • Check condition of air RTDS & bearing RTDS

  • Examine internal frame heaters

  • Rebuild and Test

  • Assemble motor complete

  • Set motor in test area and conduct running test

  • Prepare for shipment ready for installation

TDC Parsons Peebles site commissioning engineers installed, conducted final electrical tests and commissioned the motor prior to returning to service.

With the addition of Parsons Peebles Generation, TDC are now fully equipped to repair, re-work, overhaul and re-certify LV/MV/HV electric motors and generators; providing comprehensive onshore, offshore and overseas technical support.

To find out more about our specialist MV/HV Motor & Generator services visit or contact them at or call +44 (0) 1383 421 150.

Marine, ATEX/IECEx/UL certified and non-certified Electric Motors, Generators and Auxiliaries. Condition Monitoring services include; HV Partial Discharge and Motor Current Signature Analysis, Thermal Survey, Vibration Analysis & Laser Alignment. Experienced LV/MV/HV cable jointing engineers and specialist tooling also available.

To find out more about the full range of electrical & mechanical engineering services available at TDC, please have a read through the website, or contact the TDC Condition Monitoring Team at or call +44 (0) 1224 710077.

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