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Submersible Pump Repair & Refurbishment

From initial site visit, to complete in-house workshop repair and return to site for commissioning, TDC have the

internal resources to inspect, repair and maximise your pumps' performance and efficiency. These images show Submersible Pump Repair and Refurbishments, which were carried out in detail by our mechanical engineering team.

Repaired Pump

Initial Work-scope

  • Pump was isolated electrically, disconnected mechanically then lifted and removed from site back to TDC Mechanical Workshop

  • The unit was then meticulously photographed with all visible damage reported

  • The data plate was noted to be missing from the pump

  • The lifting bracket was noted to be damaged and to be repaired, securing fasteners and bushes also noted to be replaced

  • Assess general condition of unit - Noted the Impeller was badly damaged, with sections of the impeller partially missing

  • The pump body had surface corrosion with heavy pitting marks which required blasting and re-coating

  • Electrical IR Megger checks carried out and results recorded

  • Mark all adjacent points for orientation

  • Removed top cable entry cover; water ingress found inside housing

  • Top pump bearing housing was to be replaced as this part was noted to be cracked

  • Hydraulic oil drained off; this was found to be contaminated with water

  • Strip pump for inspection

  • Stator windings found to be contaminated with oil & water; required high-temp steam & stove

  • Rotor bearing and mechanical seal journals dimensionally checked

  • Rotor concentrically checked

  • Volute housing found to be worn and damaged on flange

  • Pump main housing was worn and holed inside bottom of Volute

  • Cleaned all parts and thoroughly inspected for further wear or damage

  • Bearings found to be damaged

  • Fully inspect end plates and bearing housings for wear or damage

  • Wear rings to be checked for any ovality

  • Cable entry flanges corroded and required to be changed out

  • Compiled full inspection report listing parts required

  • OEM spares including P&D

Findings and Refurbishment Work-scope

  • Bearings damaged - to be replaced with new

  • Mechanical seals damaged - to be replaced with new

  • Steam & stove Stator due to windings being contaminated

  • Replace impeller with new

  • Replace wear rings with new

  • Replace Bellmouth housing with new

  • Machine Rotor shaft sealing journals

  • Replace all O rings and fasteners with new

  • Dynamically Balance Rotor

  • Rebuild pump using new fasteners

  • Blast & prime pump approved 2 coat paint spec. On final assembly, apply final top coat finish on completion of rebuild

  • Replace cable entry flanges and seals

  • Refill oil chamber with new food lube oil

  • Carry out static pressure test & electrical run up test

  • Fully submerge pump in water tank. After 24 hrs, remove pump and IR Megger check

  • Prepare pump for dispatch

To find out more about the full range of electrical & mechanical engineering services available at TDC, please have a read through the website, or contact TDC’s Mechanical Engineering Team at or call +44 (0) 1224 710077710077.

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