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Safe Area Control Panel

Safe Area Control Panel. TDC Aberdeen

CompEx Electrical Inspection

CompEx Ex Hazardous Area Electrical Inspection and Test IEC / BS EN 60079:17 Explosive Atmospheres. Electrical Installations Inspection and Maintenance. Stainless Steel Exe Technor Junction Box with Intrinsically Safe Exi Circuits. Exe IEC 60947-7-1 ABB Entrelec ATEX, LCIE, IECEx Class 1, Zone 1 Terminals. Hawke Compression Glands. TDC Aberdeen

CompEx Electrician Ex Inspection

Offshore CompEx Electrician Ex electrical inspection and test of pressure transducers in accordance with IEC / BS EN 60079:17 Electrical installations inspection and maintenance within potentially hazardous areas. TDC Aberdeen

Ex Electrical Installation

Ex Electrical Installation IEC / BS EN 60079:14 Explosive atmospheres. Electrical installations design, selection and erection. Hawke deluge protected connectors, II2 GD Exdb IIC Gb, Extb IIIC Db T95 IP66, 67 & DTS01 deluge protected. Approvals include ATEX, IECEX, GOST, NEC and Exd rating. TDC Aberdeen

CompEx Electrical Cable Test

CompEx Ex Hazardous Area Electrical Cable Test. Safe Area Off-shore / On-shore. Marine Braided BS6883 IEC60332 Draka, Untel, Prysmian, CCI, NEK606, RFOU, BFOU, Power Cable. Low Ohms and Megger Test. TDC Aberdeen

Offshore CompEx Electrician

Offshore Detailed Ex Electrical Inspection of Exe Junction Box in accordance with electrical installations inspection and maintenance IEC / BS EN 60079:17. TDC Aberdeen

Overhauled Junction Box

Overhauled Exe Electrical Junction Box, Wiring and Certified Terminals. Exe Technor Junction Box with Weidmuller Klippon® Intrinsically Safe Exi and Increased Safety Exe SAK 2.5mm terminals. TDC Aberdeen

Securing Hawke Cable Glands

Hawke 501/423 cable glands with two independent seals for use with non-armoured elastomer cables. Dual certified Exd and Exe and suitable for Zone 1 (21) and Zone 2 (22) hazardous areas installations. TDC Aberdeen

Motor Control Centre

Schneider / Merlin Gerin / Micrologic 5.0 Motor Control Centre. TDC Aberdeen

Offshore Ex Electrical Inspection

Offshore Ex electrical inspection of Exd and Exe Junction Box and Control Panel. Hazardous Area Offshore Ex electrical inspection for use in CAT2 Zone 1 Area. Securing Exe terminal connections. TDC Aberdeen

Cable Continuity Test

Low-Ohm Cable Continuity Test. TDC Calibrated Rhopoint, Model A210-091 Ohm Meter, Maximum Resistance Measurement 200 Ω, Resistance Measurement Resolution 0.1m Ω Low-Ohm. TDC Aberdeen

Exe Terminal Box Enclosure

Bartec Exde switch. Cable core markers installed. TDC Aberdeen

Exd Control Panel

Exd control panel manufactured by TDC for use in potentially hazardous areas CAT2 Zone 1 & 2. Overhauled Exd Marelli Electric Motor 3phase ATEX, 400v, 50/60Hz. FEAM Marine Cast Alloy enclosure. Stainless steel cable tray. TDC Aberdeen

Hawke Cable Glands

Marine Braided BS6883 IEC60332 NEK606 Power Cable. Stainless Steel cable containment. 501/453/Universal Cable Gland. Group II Hazardous Area Flameproof Exdb / Increased Safety Exeb / Restricted Breathing ExnR / Dust Extb / Dual Certified ATEX / IECEx. TDC Aberdeen

501/453/Universal Cable Glands

RFOU, BFOU, NEK606 Power and Control Cable. Swifts stainless steel cable tray. TDC Aberdeen

Safe Area Electrical Control Panel

Safe Area Electrical Control Panel and wiring installation. NICEIC installation PVC/SWA/PVC wiring. TDC Aberdeen

Nitrogen Cabin Elec. Installation

Stainless Steel tray work and Marine Braided BS6883 IEC60331 NEK606 Cables. Petrel 9 series Ex ed Fluorescent luminaire. Zone 1 hazardous area applications. Certification and Approval Ex ed II 2G 3D IIC T5 – T4. IP 65 Protection. Cabin insulated with TDC Quality Coatings paint finish Panduit stainless steel cable bands. TDC Aberdeen

Marine Switchboard Bus-Bar

Inspection and maintenance of Marine Switchboard Bus-Bar. TDC Aberdeen

Electrical Inspection - EE
EE - Sub Divisions
EE - Image Gallery
TDC specialise in the inspection, installation, maintenance and product supply of a wide range of IECEx & ATEX certified electrical equipment and control systems.
Below you will find a menu highlighting all of our main services relating to Electrical Engineering.


– IECEx and ATEX Certified Equipment


TDC provide highly qualified and dedicated site teams who specialise in the electrical inspection of IECEx and ATEX certified plant and equipment On and Offshore UK and Internationally. We specialise in conducting Ex surveys/inspections, fault finding and maintenance of all certified fixed and temporary equipment operating within potentially hazardous areas in compliance with the latest BS EN/IEC 60079 Standards.  

We provide full turnkey packages including major overhaul, refurbishment, installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance and after sales support.


With our extensive knowledge and experience, our fully trained CompEx approved electrical field engineers provide comprehensive hazardous area inspection schedules and reports. We offer Visual, Close and Detailed surveys, recommendations and corrective action plans where necessary, ensuring compliance is maintained with the latest Standards and statutory regulations.


Our customers benefit from a broad range of capabilities within the following areas; 

  • Onshore and Offshore Ex Electrical Inspection and Installation Services

  • Visual, Close, and Detailed Ex Electrical Inspections

  • Major Overhaul and Detailed Surveys

  • Transportable and Fixed Equipment Ex Inspections, New Builds, Upgrades, Overhauls and Repairs

  • Ex Electrical Installations

  • Electric/hydraulic Pump Units

  • A60 Pressurised Cabins

  • Workshop Containers

  • Wireline & Well Test Equipment

  • Nitrogen Pumping Equipment

  • Wellhead Equipment

  • Separators

  • Steam Generators

  • Compressors

  • Mains Distribution Units and Junction Boxes

  • Turnkey projects - overhaul and installation

  • NEK 606 / IEC 60331-2 / BS6883 Certified Cable Installations

  • Inspection of Ex control panels, equipment, and junction boxes

Contact us for more information on our IECEx and ATEX Electrical Inspections.




Our highly qualified and experienced engineering teams specialise in the electrical installation and inspection of Ex certified plant and equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. We ensure compliance with the latest BS EN/IEC 60079 Standards for new and in-service equipment in accordance with statutory requirements. 

TDC provide bespoke electrical project installations from IECEx and ATEX offshore workshop containers, NORSOK, and DNV 2.7-2 Offshore Service Modules.


Our engineers are fully CompEx trained supported by extensive knowledge and experience specialising in certified fixed and temporary equipment installations. TDC provide full turnkey packages and after sales support. We are BS EN ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 accredited which strengthens our commitment to Quality and Health & Safety.


Our customers benefit from a broad range of capabilities within the following areas;

  • IECEx / ATEX Electrical Installations

  • DNV 2.7-2 Electrical Installations

  • NORSOK Electrical Installations

  • Onshore / Offshore / Overseas Support

  • Ex Lighting Installations

  • Ex Power Installations

  • Ex Instrumentation Installations

  • Ex Motors and Pump Installations

  • Ex Workshop Container Installations

  • Project Management

  • Ignition Hazard Risk Assessment - Thermal Surveys

  • Certification Packages

  • Technical Documentation

  • CE Marking

  • IECEx and ATEX Compliance

  • Pre-ATEX Equipment Evaluation

  • Electrical Design

Contact us for more information on our IECEx and ATEX Electrical Installations.

Electrical Installation - EE
Electrical Install & Maintence - EE



TDC offer a diverse range of industrial electrical engineering services with the expertise to deliver these services on time, on budget and to the agreed specification. Our range of technical skills and experience is extensive and we take pride in offering the highest level of service quality to support our clients.

Our on-site electrical engineering teams allow us to offer industrial electrical installations from minor works and maintenance to complete design, installation and commissioning.


TDC are members of NICEIC ‘National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting’ where all installations are tested and inspected in accordance with BS7671 by qualified engineers. Our commitment to health and safety in the workplace is further enhanced by Institution of Occupational Safety and Health IOSH training.


TDC have vast experience and are proficient in the following key areas;


  • Our skilled engineers offer unrivalled electrical fault finding solutions. We use our expertise and vast experience to keep your industrial electrical plant and equipment effective and operational.

  • AC and DC motors and control systems

  • Process Plant and Equipment

  • Electrical/Hydraulic Equipment

  • Pumps and associated control equipment

  • Lighting and Power Circuits

  • General Maintenance and repairs


  • TDC have unrivalled experience in the installation, design and supply of Low Voltage electrical installations. Ranging from 415Volts Bespoke Workshop Installations, Warehouse, Workshop and Office Lighting to 110Volts and 24Volts Power Circuits. Trace Heating and Power Installations.

  • All electrical installations are tested and inspected in accordance with the latest IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671 / NICEIC accreditation.







  • Providing electric motor drive solutions. Supply, installation, fault finding and commission of Star/Delta, Direct-On-line, Changeover, Synchronised, and Variable Speed Drive VSD Panels.



  • TDC offer on-and off-site Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations. We provide on-site repairs and safety certificates with all completed tests and inspections.



  • Our skilled engineers provide on-site Electrical Installation Condition Reporting for your business. Test results, measurements and values are recorded within a comprehensive report and appropriate recommendations, if applicable, are made illustrating any damage, deterioration or defects observed that may give rise to danger to be rectified, such that the installation may continue to be used in safety.

Contact us for more information on our Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services.



TDC have the in-house expertise to deliver Marine Electrical fault finding and installation services quickly and efficiently. Our breadth of technical knowledge and experience is extensive where we understand and focus on the need to deliver the highest level of service quality to support our clients.

Our engineering teams have the experience and flexibility to allow us to offer Marine switchboard fault investigations, maintenance, and electrical installations extending from minor hook-up and mobilisation works to comprehensive installations.  

With services ranging from maintenance to complete installation and commissioning, our clients benefit from a broad range of capabilities within the following areas;

Contact us for more information on our Marine Electrical Installation and Maintenance Services.

EE - Marine Electrical




TDC provide on-site and workshop based experienced manufacturer trained engineers for fault diagnosis, repair, service and Validation of all types of welding equipment. We also supply, install and commission new and re-conditioned welding equipment.

Our dedicated workshop facility allows our engineers to perform repairs to all AC and DC TIG Welding systems, MIG, MMA, Plasma, Sub-arc and Profile Cutting packages to most machine brands.

  • Lincoln

  • Miller

  • Hypertherm

  • Kemppi

  • Murex

  • ESAB

  • Migatronic

We provide workshop and on-site repairs, service, fault diagnosis and Calibration services in accordance with British and European Standards and our BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Our Electronic Repair Department has the facility to conduct repairs to electronic modules and Printed Circuit Boards for most types of welding equipment.

Contact us for more information on our Electrical Welding Equipment Repair and Calibration Services.

EE - Electrical Welding
EE - Electrical Product Supply



With our dedicated procurement team, TDC source and supply a diverse range of industrial & hazardous area electrical, mechanical & electronic products. With our extensive knowledge and experience, particularly within the Oil & Gas and Marine markets, we offer unrivaled expert advice assisting our clients select the right products combined with the highest level of customer service.


TDC offer a comprehensive range of products from all leading manufacturers supported by same day and next day deliveries. Industrial hazardous area electrical & mechanical products for IECEx and ATEX applications suitable for a vast range of extreme environments onshore or offshore. Sourcing, supply, logistics, and documentation for industrial safe area and commercial electrical and mechanical products and accessories.

Single product or complete project material packages supplied.

World-wide sourcing from high quality manufacturers.

IECEx/ATEX Certified Electric Motors from All Leading Manufacturers

TDC stock Brook Crompton NEMA motors Zone 1, Brook Crompton Shell specification motors Zone 1 & 2, Brook Crompton EMMUA motors Zone 1 & 2, Brook Crompton Standard Exd motors Zone 1.

IE2 / IE3 Industrial Electric Motors from All Leading Manufacturers 

In addition, ABB Water WIMES specification motors, ABB Marine approved motors to Lloyds, DNV GL, ABS, BV non-essential, Standard Brook Crompton IE2 Electric motors.

  • NEK 606 / IEC 60331-2 / BS6883 Certified Power, Instrumentation and Control Cables

  • IECEx/ATEX Cable Glands and Accessories

  • IECEx/ATEX Control Panels

  • IECEx/ATEX Control Stations

  • Cable Transits and Accessories

  • Cable Tray and Supports

  • Control Stations

  • Pressure and Temperature Devices

  • Variable Speed Drives

  • Heat Trace Packages

  • Heating Equipment

  • Distribution and Control Panels

  • Junction Boxes

  • Transformers

  • Test Equipment

Contact us for more information on our Electrical Product Supply Services.


TDC provide experienced electrical engineers specifically trained in Low Voltage (LV), Medium Voltage (MV), and High Voltage (HV) Cable jointing and termination of XLPE and ships armoured cables for both onshore and offshore applications.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, TDC’s management and engineering teams can offer rapid LV/MV/HV cable jointing and termination solutions ensuring Service Quality BS EN ISO 9001 and Health & Safety ISO 45001 compliance is maintained to the highest possible standard and statutory regulations.


Our experienced team of engineers are trained and certificated in the following disciplines;


LV1 Cable Jointing - Single & Three Phase Services 

  • Cut Out termination

  • Sub Service Straight Joints

  • Wavecon Service Joints

  • Three Phase Sub Service Straight Joints

  • Electrical Testing



LV2 Polymeric (Wavecon) Mains Cable Three Phase Low Voltage Jointing  


Personal safety, testing procedures and use of instrumentation in the following areas;  

  • Preparation and completion of Wavecon mains straight joint  

  • Preparation and completion of Wavecon mains straight joint with crossed cores 

  • Preparation and completion of Wavecon mains breeches joint – both horizontal and vertical configuration  

  • Preparation and completion of pot end – Wavecon mains cable three phase including a single phase service connection

  • Preparation and completion of a Wavecon pillar termination  



HV3 Polymeric XLPE and EPR up to 11kV jointing (Offshore & ships cable)  


  • 185 mm Single core heat shrink straight joints  

  • 185 mm Single core heat shrink breeches joints   

  • 185 mm Single core heat shrink end termination

  • 185 mm Trifurcating joints    

  • 185 mm Single core to 3 core breeches joints   


With our experienced management team and engineers TDC can also supply and install Low Voltage (LV), Medium Voltage (MV), and High Voltage (HV) equipment, components, and accessories where our clients benefit from a broad range of capabilities within the following key areas;


  • Heat shrink terminations and jointing kits (Various manufacturers)

  • Cold shrink terminations and jointing kits (Various Manufacturers)

  • Resin type cable joint kits (Onshore & offshore use)

  • Euromold separable connectors & bushings

  • Elastimold separable connectors & bushings

  • Cable crimp terminals & connectors

  • Cable gland kits (Industrial & Hazardous area)

  • Cable clamps, cable cleats & cable ties

  • Electrical enclosures for termination in hazardous and industrial

  • Motor termination kits


Our field engineers are fully certified to install and test Nexans Euromold Connectors. This Medium Voltage (MV) connector is considered the most extensively specified 11kV-33kV screened separable connector in the global power, renewable, offshore and utility markets.


Where demanding time schedules are set, our dedicated team can help support your business onshore, offshore, and internationally.



Contact us for more information on our LV / MV / HV Cable Jointing & Terminating.



TDC can provide complete stand-alone project management, or partial project teams to integrate with the established client in-house departments and projects. Also, individual project managers and discipline project engineers can be deployed to suit individual projects as and when required.

In this way we can support Major Capital projects and also Management Asset driven projects & maintenance/upgrades onshore/offshore.
Our Project Management department has the capability to support Offshore and Onshore / Shipyard activities such as UWILD, SPS, MODU Rig Stacking, Reactivation and Upgrade & Repair projects UK and Internationally with a Safety-first culture. 


Contact us for more information on our Project Management Services.

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